November 5, 2022

Vanesa Ajdini

Industry: Security & Investigation

The project consists in designing a brand identity for Black Umbrella, which is a personal security training firm, operating independently worldwide.

The concept: The idea behind the brand identity is to express the brand values as clearly as possible in a lightened manner. The naming of the brand itself shows what the brand is about, and when designing the logo there is no further need to illustrate a black umbrella, rather express a feeling of what the brand is about.

This being said, to give the idea of an umbrella, there is an arc applied at the bottom of the logo which helped develop the identity of this organisation. The logo: The logo is intended to represent strength, solidity, a guardian, sharpness, awareness and boldness.
* The strength and solidity come into the viewers eyes, by looking at the triangle shapes that form a mountain-like contour of the logo.
* The sharpness and awareness are represented through the pointed corners while the boldness is defined by the minimal style of the logo and enhanced through the colour palette of the branding.

Furthermore, for this project there are other sub-logos or “icons” designed that will represent each, one sector of the brands purposes and services.

Designer : Vanesa Ajdini

Location : Tirana, Albania

Project : Brand Identity Design for Black Umbrella