June 1, 2022

Tham Chu Yin

‘The Corner’ is a store that sells organic food using whole high-quality ingredients made accessible for all. The products are healthy snacks like energy bars, cereal, healthy popcorn and so on. Hence, ‘Wholesome Set’ is a kid-friendly chopped salad & orange juice for the little ones.

This concept is to prevent children from wasting food and let the little ones get the nutrition of greens. Thus, I create a more petite salad set for the little ones and use Eco-friendly material.

The ingredients are lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, hard-cooked egg, cheese, and raisins, which are coupled with a roasted sesame sauce and a bottle of orange juice.

I create the character by using the ingredient of the wholesome set to make it more relevant to little ones and also make it a part of education purpose.

Inside the box will have an envelope, there will have an information card to talk about the food pyramid and some character stickers as a little surprise for the little ones. After finishing the salad, they can reuse the box to plant.

Designer : Tham Chu Yin

Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Project : Wholesome Set