July 23, 2022

Süleyman Bagdat

We designed the logo and packaging of the Dr.uz brand, which conducts ambitious research on personal care and especially acne treatment in Turkey.

In the logo, we wrote the brand name in a black and directly readable font so that when the consumer looks at it, there is no complex and incomprehensible brand perception and it does not move away from naturalness.

We combined the star glitter, which we used as an emblem, with the brand.

While creating this emblem, we avoided both the hard metal look and the flat and incomprehensible shapes. With the color scale we used in tones close to skin color, we aimed to capture a perception that favors naturalness.

We wanted to preserve this simplicity and clarity in packaging as well. We wrote the product name and information in plain text on a white background. As a result of the research conducted by the company during the design process, it was revealed that the consumer is inclined to colorful designs in cosmetics and personal care products. That’s why we chose pantone colors specific to our brand.

By using gray and dark coral colors together in different places, we identified these two colors with the brand.

Designer : Süleyman Bagdat

Location : Istanbul, Turkey

Project : DR.UZ