March 10, 2022

Studio Gudulab

When Amber charged Tea for Two agency with the design of their olive oil bottles, they embarked me on the project. I’m an illustrator and surface pattern designer specializing in food, beverage and beauty products. My designs are based on hand-carved stamps, creating prints that are sometimes based on natural elements and sometimes on abstracts, construing a very modern and unconventional result. For the design of their pack, I carved olive leaves, olives and other elements associated with the world of olive oil.

Tea for two based the guiding thread of the collection on the choice of two colours which feature in all three containers: yellow to evoke the olive oil, and dark green as a tint for the ceramic bottle to elegantly highlight all the elements featured on it. They adjusted the colour palette by opting for different colour ranges for the three varieties of oil: orange for the Cornicabra, blue for the Arbequina, and green for the Hojiblanca.

In addition, to provide an element of contrast, They used a typeface family that is both simple yet full of subtle details, adding personality to the design of olive oil bottles without detracting from the print.

Designer : Studio Gudulab

Location : Madrid, Spain

Project : Gorgeous pattern design on olive oil bottles for Amber