July 21, 2022

Onebook Design Studio

Ilsan brand jam, which has been sold in Taiwan market for many years, has changed its packaging design to meet the current consumer preferences. The brand’s spirit is “to make every bite of jam a fresh one”, and the jam is made from high-quality ingredients, with an original taste and smoothness, creating a reassuring taste. The inspiration of the image comes from the combination of elegant and simple spoon and delicious fruit, presenting a natural bite of delicious mood.Commodities adhere to the spirit of professional craftsmen, inherit top technology, pursue the highest quality of products with the latest technology and equipment, continuously develop innovative technology, and strive for excellence. The secret to delicious food is not only the word “quality”, but also the strict selection of raw materials, zero-defect quality control and production, and strict hygiene requirements.As soon as the bottle is opened, it has a strong fruit aroma. After entering the mouth, the ripe and sweet fruit flavor permeates the mouth. At the end, the slightly sour blueberry just neutralizes the overall sweetness. A sweet taste you absolutely love miserable.Strictly select high-quality fruits, intertwined into a sweet and sour dreamy deliciousness, close your eyes, the aftertaste of the fruity aroma is still reverberating on your tongue. Give consumers the most pure and flawless gift. The pure insistence on a jar of jam allows more people to taste the happiness and sweet taste brought by the most original pure natural jam.

Designer : Onebook Design Studio

Location : Taichung, Taiwan

Project : Ilsan brand jam