May 10, 2022

Natasha Mozz

WearForever is a Swiss multi-brand online store offering capsule wardrobes — a combination of pieces from different brands selected by a stylist. The idea is that a smart combination of garments is what makes a great wardrobe. It was translated into the brand identity concept. Shapes of clothing cut out of rectangles work as basic elements. Combined together, they make new, half-abstract shapes. Constantly moving and transforming, they create a living space for the content. The same idea was applied to supporting typography — lettering balancing on the edge between words and abstract imagery.

Swiss roots, and the principles of slow living movement popular among the primary target audience — busy European women — inspired the visual style of the brand identity: a mix of geometry and fluidity. The logo has a hidden hanger in it, which can stretch whenever is appropriate, supporting the general idea of flexibility and mindful movement.

Designer : Natasha Mozz

Location : New York, USA

Project : WearForever Brand Identity