May 25, 2022

Lapomps Creative Studio

The demand for plant-based and organic food is currently rising everywhere around the world! 🌱🍓We’re also into our environment’s health as well as supporting this belief towards a better tomorrow. But… do you call this healthy eating or simply just a lifestyle? 🤔

Either way, we got the branding kit all here ready for you! From logo to packaging designs, we got your back.💗 For “Beyond” we try to radiate that vibrant retro vibes resembling the freshness of how organic food can be!

The typography for our personal project “Beyond” is supposed to transcend an approachable playful and vibrant feeling for those who purchase this snack. But also keeping it stylish to represent the organic product itself. 💜

We want to give something pleasant for the eye, while still maintaining its class!

Designer : Lapomps Creative Studio

Location : Bali, Indonesia

Project : Beyond