June 7, 2022

Joey Fong

A packaging project for Kitto, a brand that sells authentic Japanese sushi. The pandemic has been making people worry about the future as the world is still sick. Hence, Kitto offers limited edition sushi kit that brings meaningful experience among families and friends during this uncertain era to spread happiness, fortune and warmth.

The concept uses animals of good fortune to spread fortune and culture in hopes for the world and people to heal. Each animals represent different fortunes that’ll bring positivity and enlightenment. The warm colour tone of red, orange and yellow used in these designs stimulates life and vitality.

The packaging kit comes in a box with an illustrated cover sleeve, telling the stories of the good fortune animals. There will be four compartments which include three types of sushi (maki, uramaki and nigiri) and tea sachets to soothe and relax for the soul. The tea sachets are designed in a form of “omamori” shapes which are Japanese lucky amulets commonly sold at shrines and used for prayers. Customers might find themselves reading fortune wishes at the back of the sachets.

To adjust to the new normal, Kitto brings Japanese culture in their authentic sushi kit to heal peoples’ soul. Kitto transforms sushi platter into special sushi kit with various types of sushi. People can simply enjoy sushi together at home with their loved ones during tea or picnic time. Thus, Kitto hopes to inspire and comfort people with these good fortunes and stay positive even during these uncertain times.

Designer : Kashyap Bhatt

Location : Jakarta, Indonesia

Project : Kitto – Good Fortune Sushi