November 21, 2022

Hutton Creative

The Perfect Fifth are a family-run independent bottler of whisky, based in the United States with a curated portfolio of premium, high-end, and luxury scotch whiskies. They were looking for new packaging designs for their limited edition Canongate premium whiskies. The Perfect Fifth pride themselves on their passion for identifying and procuring the finest whisky Scotland has to offer-one cask at a time. They start by scouring Scotland — from the Orkney Islands to the Lowlands, from Campbeltown to Speyside — with an open mind and a thirst to unearth, curate, and bottle those whiskies whose unique complexity and balance render them too impressive to be bottled with the rest. Whiskies that stand alone as individuals and as phenomenal expressions of the exceptional distilleries that produced them. They select the few whose composition and character match the integrity of their standards and expectations. The casks are then subject to the scrutiny of the industry’s most revered experts. Only those that have met these arduous standards come under the auspices of the Perfect Fifth. These final designs have a clean, clutter-free finish that has a luxury look and feel but with a style of a limited batch collection. The labels are printed on uncoated stock with gold foil. The neck label continues the gold foil finish. Foil has also been added to the boxes, both front and back which is finished with a soft touch finish. The front of them have a debossed section and spot gloss varnish has been added to the sides to highlight the names to finish off these collectors items.

Designer : Hutton Creative

Location : Kilmacolm, UK

Project : Canongate Whisky Packaging