November 22, 2022

Sis Tsarukyan

“Rival” LLC under its “PAPI’S” brand is the leading manufacturer of dried fruits and jams in Armenia and a reliable supplier of many retail chains. Since 2007, the company supplies high-quality dried fruits. Our product is free of dyes and additives and is not genetically modified (GMO). Thanks to the special drying it retains all the vitamins and minerals that are important in the daily diet of any person.

Fruits grown in Armenia and the product assortment made from them are much better in taste, aroma and appearance than the fruits from the other countries. The geographical position of Armenia, its climatic conditions, abundance of sunlight, and availability of high-quality fresh mountain waters generate perfect conditions for growing fruits. The company frequently updates its manufacturing equipment, due to which it takes up the leading position in the market.

Designer : Sis Tsarukyan

Location : Yerevan, Armenia

Project : Papi’s jam