November 15, 2022

Firuz Kurbonzodski

Always sunny is a succulent gift company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Always Sunny was born out of a love of succulents and the belief that a gift is more than one moment. Once a gift, always a gift. After all, succulents can remind you of a pleasant event for decades. We believe that the gift can make one person happy, make one day better, and leave a nice memory for years to come.

The packaging conveys the feeling of a room lled with the morning sun.
When light enters the room and lls it with warmth and comfort.

A gift once, a gift forever!

Brand Identity / Firuz Kurbonzodski
Designer / Alina Moldakul
CG Artist / Anastasiya Kleban
Font Design / Bureau Brut & Extraset

Designer : Firuz Kurbonzodski

Location : Almaty, Kazakhstan

Project : Always Sunny