July 14, 2022

Episode Two

With a name like Koko you’d expect these guys to be a bit nuts about coconuts, but the love they have for this plant goes way beyond their name.

A family-owned company that takes great care of their coconuts, growing them the way nature intended and packing them within hours of being picked – always by human hands – to guarantee, freshness, ripeness and the highest quality.

With a range of delicious milk alternatives already in the market, Koko wanted to offer something more to their growing audience…

Say hello to Koko Life! a vitamin enriched coconut milk which contains enhanced nutritional benefits for both physical and emotional well-being. Bursting with 11 vitamins and minerals, Koko Life! helps support the immune system, brighten the mind and look after skin.

We loved bringing this product to life through packaging design that champions the unique ‘natural goodness’ proposition and helps elevate the Koko brand credentials, whilst staying true to the core range look and feel.

Designer : Episode Two

Location : Bristol, UK

Project : Living la vida Koko!