April 23, 2022

El serio

Gelem is a Peruvian brand of artisanal ice cream that mixes the best of Italian gelatto with Peruvian ingredients. It has 10 assorted flavors ranging from desserts with liquid fillings to intense fruit mixes.The brand focuses on young people and has a fresh and fun personality.
Being a new brand, Gelem knew that it had to differentiate itself, not only with its quality product that has a variety of flavors, but also with a disruptive image and packaging that connects with its public. Ice creams brands in Peru have been doing the same thing for a long time, and Gelem found there the opportunity to do things differently and stand out.
Disruptive packaging was created, full of color and life, which represents the moment of happiness that we experience when eating ice cream. Assigning a color palette of its own to each flavor, associated with the ingredients and the emotional traits of each flavor.
It was a challenge to mix the creative and the disruptive, but through the good use of color, in harmony with the shapes and patterns, we managed to make a packaging that allows the product to be differentiated in every way and stand out at the point of purchase.The packaging also represented a challenge since it was necessary to work with 10 different flavors and give each flavor a personality, while ensuring that they all maintain coherence and harmony.
The result, in addition to being well achieved aesthetically, is functional and attractive to its target audience, connects with it and perfectly represents the personality of the brand.

You always deserve an ice cream. You always deserve a gelem

Designer : El serio

Location : Lima, Peru

Project : Gelem Popsicles Packaging