May 23, 2022

Choo Jia Yee

Butter Up is a dessert brand that specializes in pastries and baked treats. It has everything you need to create a sweet ending to your food journey from freshly oven-baked pastries to cool, chilled confectioneries. Ever since the pandemic started, people eventually get bored and tired of their repetitive routine very easily.

Hence, the objective of Butter Up is to surprise consumers with a mystery box called ‘Surprise Your Bud’ which consists of two different handpicked desserts without letting the consumers know what they are.

Pop art style will be used throughout the packaging to enlighten consumers’ experiences with fun and excitement and each packaging is inspired by comic book layout styles to show the storyline of the announcement to this newly released mystery box.

‘Surprise Your Bud’ packaging is targeted toward 18 to 25 year old adults.

Designer : Choo Jia Yee

Location : Kajang, Malaysia

Project : Butter Up: Surprise Your Bud