July 30, 2022

A&p - Brand consulting and design

“A surprising reality” is the title of the restyling of Mediterraneò, a line of organic extra virgin olive oil, which comes to life from the colors and movements of the label’s typography. The front of the pack features a single protagonist element: the name “Mediterranean” divided into three parts to highlight the individual words ‘terra’ and ‘neo’, which translates to ‘new land’.
The new restyling, like the Mediterranean Sea, which bathes the coasts of Southern Italy, aims to highlight the importance of extra virgin olive oil, the most important element of all quality Italian food which, similarly, bathes other ingredients in each dish it’s featured in.
The design is visually represented by the typography that emphasizes the branches of the olive trees surrounded by their leaves. Finally, a dove, which represents peace, carries an olive branch and a message that focuses on the environment.

Designer : A&p – Brand consulting and design

Location : Polistena – RC, Italy

Project : Mediterraneò