August 24, 2022

Antonia Skaraki

ElGEKA S.A. is the largest Greek commercial company, in the food sector. It offers an integrated system of commercial services in Sales, Marketing, Trade Marketing and Logistics, constituting an integral link in the sector’s supply chain. Launched in 1974, it has played an important part, over time, in the evolution of the most loved brands.

We bent over the task of an identity makeover with respect to its historical name, using surgical precision to modernize the logo without making the change too obvious. The revision is understated with elegant lines as the shape engulfs the new era arriving in colour red while at the same time, shelters it. The combination of innovation and protection creates an entity, represented by the letter “E”.

The new identity is structured around two pillars:

With ElGEKA being the “House” hosting top brands, a strategically selected choice of descriptors are embedded in the design: The House of Successful Brands, The House of Dynamic Brands, The House of Valuable Brands. The descriptors evolve into visual elements empowering the design and making typography an integral part of the new identity.

Secondary graphics were developed creating a system structure inspired by the system of services ElGEKA offers to its collaborators, customers and suppliers. It is conveyed through a geometric mosaic which suggests a metaphorical continuous movement. The shapes open, close, focus, encompass. Flexibility, flow and evolution follow the core values through which the company analyses data and creates prosperity. The visual language encapsulates the essence of a corporation which never stops moving forward and creating progress.

Designer : Antonia Skaraki

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : ELGEKA Corporate Identity