August 1, 2022

Antonia Skaraki

A fine wine isn’t necessarily a bottled wine. This was the core of the challenge;
to reverse the established idea that quality wine can only exist in a glass container. Not anymore, as we came up with a new wine category, the wine-out-of-the-box, which is the notion of moving wine from the big barrel to a smaller barrel so as to not lose its natural habitat. The Wine Barrel maintains a visual representation of a wine’s natural home, while simultaneously democratizes the process of wine tasting, bringing it down from a crème de la crème ritual to a laid back evening with friends experience. Aside from its appearance, the symbol for this new, shared experience was enforced with the way the wine is served, with the use of a tap on the package.
Our philosophy can thus be described as:
The old barrel
The new barrel
The wine barrel
Wine out of the box

Designer : Antonia Skaraki

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : The Wine Barrel