December 18, 2022

Antonia Skaraki

Travelling… to the past with a company that celebrates 70 years of taste!

When you picture the past, what comes to mind? Inspired by the authenticity of the trends that shaped the decades we all love, we created this Limited Edition Packaging: Jeans & “Jeanius” Icons in the 50s, Hippies & Positive Vibes in the 60s, Disco Mood in the 70s, Bright & Playful Colors in the 80s, Fab Fashion in the 90s, Tech in the 2000s, Trends in the 2010s.

Uplifting patterns. Modern patchworks. It’s all about the little joys of life… We returned to the old as the new “new”, merging the magic of history with the magic of design.

This kind of throwback design was an effective way of demonstrating dedication to a certain level of quality, unaltered since the inception of the product, decades back. It tells the story of passion and trends that remain alive from a design standpoint…

We all want to hold a tempting bottle and carry a piece of magic with us – the nostalgic kind from the good old days! So, are you thirsty… for magic and history? As Carl Jung once said, “The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” Grab the bottle you love and get ready for a trip to the past!

Designer : Antonia Skaraki

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : Psiloreitis Limited Edition