April 29, 2022

Alvaro Garcia Rodriguez

Savheia is an innovative fertilizer, which was born with the need to be able to empathize with plants. Are you not tired of them burning, dying, drying out, spoiling … your plants that you take care of with so much care and affection?

To solve this problem, just put a few drops in the pot of the plant, and it will transmit its deficiencies and problem to you, knowing what they need. You will be able to connect instantly with your plants. The name of Savheia is born of the combination of the salvia of the plants and empatheia (empathy in Greek).

At the same time, the different illustrations in the range show for which type of plant they can be used, for example trees, horticulturals and cannabaceae.

The collection is made up of three products, each of which is aim at different types of plant and families. The result is three designs that want to reflect the connection between people and plants, bringing us close to their feelings. Accompanied by the logo and claim, “in plants we trust”, as our brand’s motto, represents our philosophy in the closest possible way.

By creating a fun and attractive design for the consumer, a serie of characters are created, from which different type of plants sprout from their interior  and you can quickly identify the type of plant you want to connect with.

We want you to feel reflected with the Savheia concept, once you purchased the product.

Designer : Alvaro Garcia Rodriguez

Location : Santander, Spain

Project : Savheia