June 8, 2022

Alacuerno Studio

Elixir Bio offers a collection of different, original and quality products from different corners of the world. Ecological, handmade and sustainable, far from industrial manufacturing.

These values ​​are what we want to convey in its brand identity, full of graphic resources that transport us to the natural world, such as the shapes and textures present in different ecosystems.

Within the design of the Elixir Bio brand, the packaging is one of the most important and visible parts. We needed to think of versatile solutions for a large number of products and with the concept of sustainability always present. The solution is found in Crush Corn paper. An ecological support that uses corn waste to manufacture a paper with 30% recycled elements in its composition and manufactured with 100% green energy .

Designer : Alacuerno Studio

Location : Gijón – Asturias, Spain

Project : Elixir Bio