May 9, 2022

Aïda Font Studio

CRAFT BEER “AVUI X DEMA” AVUI X DEMÀ is a collection of 3 designs for a SESSION IPA style beer, light with low alcohol content and fresh to drink every day. The SESSION IPA is a style of beer that has become one of the most important trends in the national craft beer market. The craft beer sector has grown a lot in recent years, giving value to craft and small-scale production. Aïda Font Studio has developed the design of the three IPAS for Ratpenat Cervesers, a small producer with an adventurous spirit. They wanted an online design of the latest trends in craft beer design. In the mass consumption sector, the design of craft beers normally follows a traditional design style more focused on craftsmanship, the countryside, etc… With very clear information and with brands in the foreground. On the other hand, for the more specialized circuit, we can find an explosion in branding and packaging design: provocative and breaking the mold, seeking differentiation between them. Ratpenat Cervecers commissioned us with a design that was abstract and organic. They knew that we, in the studio, like to mix techniques between digital and painting. In the studio we had been investigating all kinds of textures with the fluid acrylic paints and they might fit the project. We selected three backgrounds and to capture the concept of the name of the beer, “Avui x Demà” (today for tomorrow), we came up with the idea that in a nice way we could represent the calendar of the week by crossing out the days of the beer, inviting us to play . Labels inspired by paintings in bright colors with a dynamic line, merging art and personality. The result: three small works of art to lose yourself with their colors and shapes.

Designer : Aïda Font Studio

Location : Barcelona, Spain