December 24, 2021

Vanshika Singhi and Tanvi Supe

The packaging consists of flaps that can be opened from the front in order to eat the complete waffle without pulling it up. It is easy to fold for assembly and is interlocked to create the complete package. The interlocking features in turn become the handle for delivery. The packaging is sturdy due to the thick Kraft paper which maintains the crispiness of the waffle and doesn’t tear easily. It is easy to open, eat, hold and carry.

The package can be used as both in-store as well as takeaway package. This concept aligns with the Belgian Waffle brand identity of “On the go Waffles”. The front opening of the package makes it easy to access the waffle. The base of the package allows it to stand without any support on a flat surface.

Designer : Vanshika Singhi and Tanvi Supe

Location : Pune, India

Project : Belgian Waffle