November 2, 2021

Taha Fakouri

This has been done for Greece.
Honey is always obtained from the nectar of the natural flowers that the bee uses to make it, and also the queen is always in the center of the bee’s attention to reach the best, so I made this design by combining intertwined flowers with different colors and patterns. I created a tradition and placed such a special bee around the flowers in order to use nectar.
The queen bee has always been the center of attention, so a queen bee has used the center of the flowers as the center of attention to convey the originality of the honey.
Natural and quality honey is the first transparent and shiny color, so I used golden color in some parts of the flowers.My goal in designing this sticker was to create a simple and attractive sticker, simple to use minimal objects and remarkable due to the use of flower shape in a special way with different colors with traditional designs. This design is designed in such a way that It can be used on different labels of any size and shape. It does not lose its nature.

Designer : Taha Fakouri

Location : Tehran, Iran

Project : Honey Rocks