July 6, 2021

Taha Fakouri

Marsam brand is a fledgling brand that has started its activity from selling in virtual networks, so for this purpose, a design should have been done to attract the customer at first sight, but how? In designing this package, we tried to use the simplest method to attract the customer’s attention, using completely minimal and simple colours, using special typography to be bold among all honey products that have used the image. But it was not easy!
Packaging design is beyond than just logo and graphic design. A successful packaging designer needs to study the consumer, be aware of current and future trends, and understand the competitive market shelf set. Proper packaging is able to play the role of a silent seller, the task of packaging in terms of creating a relationship with the customer is to need and persuade the customer to buy.
My job as a designer was to create a creative and new design on a simple, ordinary dish that everyone uses in the market, so it had to be designed to be stunning, but not with the image, but with the specific typography, which In addition to the other designs, it also has something new to say, so I did it!
High quality Honey is a special product, so our strategy was to create a different design that with any combination in other products and other extracts we could add another product to it so that the identity of the design does not change. At first, by researching the cost of honey, we realised that we also have many competitors in quality, price and variety, so importantly, in order not to confuse our customers with competitors, we designed our packaging to be unique and different from other competitors.
The typography of this work is that the wavy and intertwined edges are arranged together in such a way that a drop of honey has to dance to come down from these edges, which the viewer enjoys seeing. In fact, I tried to create a label with text only and without an image, which is impressive and I can use it in other dimensions or sizes on other forms without making any changes.

Designer : Taha Fakouri

Location : Qom, Iran

Project :  Marsam Honey