March 19, 2021

Studio Morfar

Art Direction & Design: Torsten Power
Illustration: Alysha Takoushian

Far From Home (Augmented Reality Beer)

Studio Morfar created this project in partnership with Ferment magazine, to explore what the future may look like for branding and packaging within the brewing world.

An excerpt from the feature article published in the November edition of Ferment:

One of the ways Studio Morfar is helping brands to think more imaginatively is Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which is seeing a real comeback after a bit of a false start in the early 2010s. The tech is really blurring the lines between physical branding and online spaces, to the point that breweries should think about both at the same time. “We can marry equally wonderful on and offline mediums to create something new and exciting, like AR beer can labels,” Torsten suggests.

“We can take a beautifully-designed, brilliantly printed label that springs to life when you hover over it with your phone’s camera. You can have a spectacular animation that flows out from the can and pulls you into an immersive world of interaction, with hovering friend recommendations, interactive tasting notes and details about other beers that are available in the range.”

The design that Torsten and Alysha (partners in work and life) put together expresses the feeling of a summer evening in the Stockholm archipelago – a setting Torsten spent much of his childhood in and a place Alysha has fallen in love with after being given an introduction to in recent years.

Designer : Studio Morfar  http://studiomorfar.com

Location : London, UK!

Project : Far From Home