December 15, 2021

Studio ABD

Zayn & Myza crafts contemporary, pure, and ethically prepared personal care and cosmetic products, delighting millennial with a unique and differentiated brand that suits their way of life. ZM audience is young inspired individuals living modern life passionately & judiciously. The brand believes in guilt-free indulgence.

The design language is happy, energetic, quirky, and clutter-free. Their color sensibility is evolved and tasteful with spunk and youthfulness.

The design approach is aimed at making the Halal way of life aspirational, inclusive, and friendly for the youth, globally and to be the best and most loved in the category. The design language captures a look for contemporary Muslim millennial and is subtle yet iconic in its approach.

The design approach had not just built a packaging system, but also created a branding system for the cosmetic range. The use of specific finishes like spot UV and matte substrates elevates the sensorial aspect of the design elements. The cosmetic collection also has a unique use of hand-lettered type which is designed specifically for the collection. The hand-lettered type is inspired by strokes of the cosmetic products and adds a unique identity to the brand.

Designer : Studio ABD

Location : Bengaluru, India

Project : Zayn & Myza Cosmetics Collection