March 30, 2021

Stefan Canuel

Art Book
88 Pages, Case Bound Linen Cover

Original Edition with Red Elastic Band
Special Edition with Map Half Dust Jacket

Initiated by the artists after a trip to Fogo Island, this book is meant to evoke the several watercolours they produced during their stay and exploration of the island. With the smear of paint on the cover, red band and several inserts, the book’s concept suggests that it was with them while they were working on the island, and even includes a custom-designed map of Fogo, tucked away inside. The information within is well structured, and the different types of content are presented in a variety of ways to suggest the artists’ collaboration.

The paint residue on the cover provides a nice contrast to the book’s clean and classic look. In addition, it gives the book the effect of having some “mileage,” linking in with the title Miles on the Brush. The choice of the colour red represents the passion the artists have for their work, whereas the pink endpapers reference the friendly affection among them. Fogo island is also represented on the pink end papers.

Overall the design of the publication calls to mind a complete travel log, with many exciting inserts to discover.

Designer : Stefan Canuel

Location : Gatineau, Canada

Project : Miles on the Brush – Art Book