December 16, 2021

Sorawit Opapongphun

“Pan-Pan” is the Fried Donut brand , Unique with different type of topping such as Takoyaki, Hokkaido milk, Mala. Task from the client is to design a brand new logo and mascot in the retro Japanese style, So I decide to choose the cute little boy with curly afro hair which similar to the shape of Donut as the mascot adding with chubby Japanese text for logo use. For the packaging I’m Use Little Afro Boy as the main element of the design, Play with the shape of donuts to add cuteness and fun to the product, Moreover the packaging use different expression on each side “Smily face” and “Yummy face”.

Designer : Sorawit Opapongphun

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Project : Pan Pan I Branding and Packaging design.