October 16, 2021

Shumi Love Design (TM) Branding Agency

The Good Tone Collection is a series of wines from the Ukrainian producer Bolgrad that comes in their exclusive bottle. The bottle has a peculiar feature, namely, a concavity in the form of a hand holding the bottle. As a result, the bottle fits comfortably in your hand.

The Bolgrad brand embodies the essence of the southern regions along the coast: a light atmosphere, excellent climate, and good winemaking. The average consumer is quite tired of the boring, monotonous, and indistinguishable wines flooding the shelves. We offered the consumer a festive, bright, and fashionable wine, one that’s memorable and eye-catching, even from a great distance.

But it also presents a challenge to working with the bottle: the space for the label is extremely limited and presents a strict layout that cannot be circumvented.

We were tasked with a complete restyling of the label. The existing design no longer met the marketing objectives and had become irrelevant to the market.

We redesigned the cap and the label. We further highlighted the uniqueness of the bottle by emphasizing the hand outline. We added tactile effects that are not only visible from a distance, but also feel great to the touch when the consumer takes the bottle in their hands.

Special art paper, a tactile varnish, foil stamping, and embossing were used to create the label. Together, all this creates the overall image of the product and makes it attractive to the consumer. Advanced post-printing processes have been used to make the product’s presentation stand out.

Designer : Shumi Love Design (TM) Branding Agency

Location : Chisinau, Moldova

Project :  Good Tone Bolgrad