September 15, 2021


Packaging a natural personal care brand that is not just good for you but also for the environment
The project involved strategy, brand identity, and packaging design for their period care range. On researching, we found that despite how highly saturated the personal care segment was, consumers were still uninformed about body and planet hygiene. It was necessary to educate them on the importance of using clean products through Heyday’s brand language.
The research helped us identify the target audience as environmentally conscious, aware of the choices they made for their body, and willing to go the extra mile to buy 100% natural products. We realised that we could also only talk about feminine hygiene if we bust the stigma around menstruation. So it was important for the brand to be approachable and smart, while also staying fun and informative.


Location : Kolkata – India

Project :  HEYDAY CARE