April 30, 2021

PG Brand Reforming Company

Task: to develop trademark for a carbonated energy drink. Most energy drinks have aggressive designs, bright and even acidic colors. With this product, this approach will not work due to more chill-outed tastes and idea of relaxed lifestyle in market positioning. The design concept is based on the idea of a party and a drive: a functional table-card can be find on the face of the can, which is inspired by the idea of a party invitation. The naming itself speaks of energy and pleasure, but at the same time it is rather relaxed, which reflects the nature of the target audience. In the design, we used illustrations that also reflect the audience – young, active, a little extreme and which knows everything about recreation. The color palette is balanced and modern, the colors were chosen according to the principle “this is a fashionable drink and it should look good in the hand, in photographs, in the cup holder of a car or a bicycle”.

Designer : PG Brand Reforming Company

Location : Warshaw, Poland

Project : Trade mark for energy drinks with natural energetic herb Engie