January 3, 2021

Onfire Design

Coveted in Asian markets for adding flavour to culinary dishes and its unique bioactive properties promoting health and wellness, Lion Mane mushrooms are wildly foraged mushrooms with a ‘shaggy’ appearance that genuinely lives up to its lion mane descriptor. Using refined extracts of the mushroom, Streamland has developed a unique Manuka honey blend aimed at the Asian consumer looking for new ways to use and experience this food source.

Digging down into Asian mythology and fairytales, we discovered a historical fable about an ancient ‘medicine man of the forest’, living off what nature gave him and creating potions and ointments from flora and fauna. From this, we created a literal tree-man of the forest. With a tree trunk face, his beard is made up of the leaves, flowers and Lion Mane mushrooms which are all found on the forest floor. To work with the choice of a craft paper label, the character was developed in pencil, giving it a soft and ‘of-the-earth’ aesthetic. The result is an unexpected execution for the mature Manuka Honey category, ignoring existing product conventions in favour of a deep product story.

Location : Auckland, New Zealand

Project : Streamland Lion Mane Honey