March 1, 2021

Olga Takhtarova

Within the framework of this project, it was necessary to create a unique corporate identity, logo design, packaging and label design, as well as to develop a slogan.
The corporate identity of the customer’s store is the image of a benevolent chef inviting you to come in and taste the branded strudel prepared here in the store. The image is carefully drawn and supplemented with small thematic graphic elements for the complete identification of products – spikelets, muffins, vegetables and fruits.
Signature colors – graphite, white and accent coral. The modern design of the corporate identity simultaneously attracts attention, brings a smile and a desire to immediately purchase this freshest delicious baked goods.

Designer : Olga Takhtarova  http://sotdesign.com

Location : Borodyanka, Ukraine!

Project : Corporate branding of the store SALLAD