November 6, 2021

Norma Rodricks

Aazol in Marathi (language of Maharashtra, India) means the home of your maternal grandparents. Relive the love and affection showered on you by your Aaji (grandmother) through the foods of Aazol.

Aazol sources home-grown foods from the various regions and communities across Maharashtra. The products range from hand-made and hand-rolled papads to fresh and dry chutneys, masalas, various types of flours, liquid jaggery and many other iconic and traditional local favourites. These are made in partnership with self-help groups, women micro-entrepreneurs and farmer collectives using traditional recipes and agri-techniques that have been passed down generations.

The logo typeface is inspired by the typical Indian hand painted signages and art you see on trucks, but designed to be clean and minimal to portray a modern upmarket feel.

The packaging design brings out the authentic flavours of each product with line-art graphic cues and an earthy colour palette. To further emphasise the home-grown produce, the name of the product is also written in the local language, Marathi.

The packaging is eco-friendly using kraft paper as substrate and glass bottles that are reusable.

Designer : Norma Rodricks

Location : Mumbai, India

Project : Aazol – Home-grown Foods of Maharashtra