September 13, 2021

Montenegro Design / Agência Tipz

The brand was born out of the need of Café Tunico, a family brand, on a farm managed by the 7 children of Mr. Tunico, to have 100% Arabica coffee that is even more popular and accessible, yet in a very competitive market share. So there was a need for Café Soul to stand out, breaking the barriers of the popular.

Café Soul’s audience is people who like coffee and who want to enjoy a quality drink at low cost. Soul coffee was created with the aim of having a lighter, younger and more inclusive language. The concept is based on Carpe Diem, living well, living in harmony and, at the same time, not taking life too seriously. All this to give you the feeling of having breakfast. It makes us feel good in every way, from the olfactory experience to tasting, feeling the flavor and being enveloped by its properties, which gives us a feeling of pleasure and well-being.

Soul is what is in the essence of each one, its way, styles, tastes, preferences and faces. It is at the heart of pluralism and diversity. Soul is what is in the essence of coffee, IT IS COFFEE WITH SOUL. Based on this concept, we developed a changeable, young, modern visual pattern that adapts to different shapes and elements. A design that is not unique, but of many.

For a non-standard coffee, we look for non-standard colors and shapes in this segment. We included a slight reference to the Café Tunico brand, with the letter L, from Soul, an inverted 7 referring to the 7 brothers. The colors are young and striking, conveying an idea of modernity. As it is for everyone, we use the logo itself to compose different “faces” that vary according to the package. Bringing the concept of diversity and representativeness to the brand. Creating a collectible packaging identity, stickers for apps and social media, mugs and any other object that may be produced in the future.

Café Soul seeks a market niche that has not yet been occupied in the region in which it operates, a coffee for a young and diverse audience, a coffee with a soul in Identity and Flavor. Young people, who are starting the journey through the world of coffee or who already have experience and cannot find 100% Arabica coffee, of good quality and accessible.

Designer : Montenegro Design / Agência Tipz

Location : Fortaleza – CE, Brazil

Project :  Café Soul