December 12, 2021

Mina Ayman Boshra

Kalboby clinic is a clinic for animals mainly pets with all pets’ services that may need. Target people youth and may elderly, based in Egypt. I made the logo simple to be easy rememberable dynamic to feel the life of the pet friendly to interact emotionally with owners.

The brand identity is based on illustrations to make the identity more cheerful and feel the happiness to the pets’ owners. The logo is based on a combination of dog and cat jumping, which reflects the happy feelings in the animal when it comes to our clinic.

The clinic is not just for medical care and this is the unique strength point of the business, but the clinic is looking for full care for the pet. The care starts with playing with pet toys and accessories to the medical care which includes (drugs, surgeries and …. etc)

The food package is the food that the clinic will produce and sell to the owners so the package must have the same identity as the logo to reflects the same vision.

Designer : Mina Ayman Boshra

Location : Sohag, Egypt

Project : Pets dry food packaging