July 15, 2021

Mellow & Banana

Pedro Mandinga pays tribute to a legendary figure in the history of Panama. Who in the 16th century built small hidden towns along the Caribbean Coast. Pedro and his friend Sir Francis Drake went to the top of a hill, where from there they saw the Panamanian jungle.

Pedro Mandinga is the first artisan shaved rum in Panama. They do things by hand and feel great pride and passion with who they do. The rums are smooth and easy to drink. Your next step is to develop your own cocktails. Where the category of cocktails has never been seen in such a convenient and practical container that is not a bottle. The challenge was how to create the first fresh canned mojito.

From the bar to the can. The first canned cocktail in Panama. A mojito made with artisan rum sweetened with panela with a unique flavor.

The challenge was to create a label system for one of Pedro Mandinga’s most representative products, the mojito. A language that communicates all the biodiversity of the Panamanian jungle that we were able to capture with the help of Randy Mora, an illustrator from Bogotá, in a can. Randy knew how to capture that jungle graphic universe on the label and with his collage technique.

For the design we were inspired by a clean label style to create clarity and order, we created an identity inspired by the Panamanian jungle with a serif and traditional typeface, what we did was mix them to give the design a bit of modernity with tradition by Pedro Mandinga when we have the information. The color palette is made up of warm tones that blend in with the artwork. The brand’s graphic language allowed us to create clean packaging. The mojito’s typography blends with the illustrated tree and animals.

We present the first Mojito canned with artisan rum from Panama, fresh ingredients from the bar to the can.

Designer : Mellow & Banana

Location : Bogotá, Colombia

Project :  Mojito Canned Cocktail