December 2, 2021

Mellow & Banana

Club Premium is the maximum expression of the Ecuadorian brewing mastery. Since 1966, Club Premium has been the most distinguished beer in the country and it has been based on a philosophy of supreme ingredients and a brewing process of excellence that obtains maturity in order to achieve its unique aroma and flavor.

Club Premium has always been committed to offer a product with maximum quality and has constantly aimed to offer a diverse and unique beer experience.

The understanding that influenced the whole rebranding process was “all human victories are born from an inner strength”. The solution: evidencia through the brand how Club Premium exalts the inherent spirit of progress that Ecuadorians have.

Mastery is to challenge oneself. To challenge oneself from the brand pillars: the purpose, the care in details, the determination, the dedication, and most importantly, the commitment to local pride.

Club Premium expresses its values and human character through the design. It shifts apart from industrial processes, it exalts all the work that has been done with precision and skill, it expresses its sense of belonging to Ecuador and its culture, but above all, it shows its greatest passion: brewing the foremost beer.

From any perspective, Club Premium is a minimalist brand. It counts with a reduced color palette and the packaging depicts a clean label structure.

The crown, is the principal and most characteristic isotype of the brand. The crown symbolizes heritage and tradition. By eliminating excess elements, we managed to present ourselves as a coherent and simplified brand.

Finally, a typography with modern serifs. Subtle terminations that allude to all the premium characteristics a brand must have, without stains from a life in a territory of the past.

Proud of their local expertise and proud of their intention to focus on the small details that make the big differences.

Club Premium is a brand that celebrates the strength that propels us to give more, do more and be more.

Designer : Mellow & Banana

Location : Bogotá, Colombia

Project : Rebranding Club Premium