December 3, 2021

Leonardo Recalcati

The design inspiration is offered by the name of the brand “Barone di Altariva” and by the fact that it is a product that is easy to drink, fresh, young, without too many structures, intended for large-scale distribution.

The property dedicates this product to an old family’s uncle, who was jokingly addressed by the name“u baruni”.

It is precisely to the idea “ru baruni” that the choice of illustrations and names is traced back, which take up and play down the image of the Sicilian nobleman, commonly represented as a cultured, elegant, refined figure, but also, sometimes, through the prototypical figure and stereotyped of an almost caricatured haughtiness.

Designer : Leonardo Recalcati

Location : Palermo, Italy

Project : Barone di Altariva