May 22, 2021


PLANTA SANTA mezcal is a distillate of the green agave plant (100% maguey espadin) with more than 400 years of history, a drink highly appreciated for its rigorous stages of elaboration and its strict control of production in a traditional way, with a unique and very particular flavour produced in Oaxaca, a Mexican geographical area with protected destination or origin (PDO).

With all these premises, La Bendita Agencia was the agency selected by Beveland Distillers to create the naming of the product and the brand design of the packaging of this mezcal for each of the 3 varieties it is presented in the market; young, rested and aged.

The origin of the naming PLANTA SANTA aims to highlight the tradition and purity of the product itself, seeking to reaffirm its authenticity and Mexican origin. The name, created in Spanish for marketing worldwide, helps to convey this positioning, evoking the green agave plant from which this drink is produced.

The goal of this packaging is to show its Mexican soul, with a traditional, elegant and modern look to connect with today’s consumer. The logo, created with a typography inspired by Mexican lettering, features organic shapes that evoke the leaves of the agave plant. The white decorative elements are tinny flashes of light that reinforce the “sacred” origin of mezcal, with an illustration of the agave and the hummingbird that, according to the legend, are the protagonists of the discovery of this elixir of the gods.

The characteristic blue, red and black colour of its bottles clearly identifies the 3 varieties with which PLANTA SANTA is launched; “Joven”, a bright, crystalline mezcal, with a very characteristic taste of cooked agave, “Reposado”, matured for more than 4 months in American oak barrels, and “Añejo”, matured for more than 12 months in American oak barrels, with a bright amber colour and a taste dominated by wood, smoked cooked agave with vanilla and light herbal notes.


Location : Barcelona, España

Project :Mezcal Planta Santa