December 8, 2021

Katerina Theodosiadou

The Bear Honey || Packaging Design
Mellisa is the Greek company behind The Bear Honey. Is production and honey export company with the goal of turning it into a globally recognized and sought after product.
Greek honey.
An ideal combination of the finest honeys from the Greek countryside. Flavours of wild-flowers, herbs, pine and fir forests on mountainous Greece, but also thyme from the Aegean islands
compose the magic of Greek nature. Is collected by our beekeepers to reach your table pure and full of flavour making The Bear Honey unique and special.
For the logo used a beehives and bees. The bee is above the hive that symbolizes the house of the bees. So the logo is simple, elegance and understood by all age groups.
The Objective
Creating competitive packaging that will fit perfectly into the international market.
The Solution
We have developed a set of packages depicting a forest and the teddy bear with its honey. The colours used showing the type of honey. The result is a beautiful and colourful package that
will attract the attention of customers. From inspired graphics and insightful design to quality printing materials, what we aimed for was a label that would promote an all-natural, organic feeling.
Finally, the packaging material is glass jar and label has been designed from the standards from be recyclable material.

Designer : Katerina Theodosiadou

Location : Thessaloniki, Greece

Project : The Bear Honey || Packaging Design