May 17, 2021

Hurtikonn Design

Here are three product names “Ô comme 3 pommes”, “ Ramène pas ta fraise“ and “Me prends pas pour une poire” for a compote brand. Their names are taken from French humorous expressions such as “être haut comme trois pommes” (to be tall like three apples), which refers to a child’s short stature. The packaging of these products takes the shape of the fruit and is assembled in groups of 3 (or more) by means of a straw symbolizing a fruit stalk that fits together on the underside of each package, its separation recreates the sensation of picking a fruit. The shape of the container allows instant identification of contents. Arms and eyes added to the packaging give life to playful characters for children. As compotes are often snacks at school, I chose to put games on the back to distract them during a school break. These little compotes play with our curiosity and encourage us to discover them.

Designer : Hurtikonn Design

Location : Hayange, France

Project : Ô comme 3 pommes