May 30, 2021

Hugo Zapata Creativo

Inspired by the golden reflections and shades of the most authentic fine wine and based on the collection of historical labels kept in the historical archives of the González Byass Foundation.
Like every spring, when the emergence of life, light and joy floods everything, the Bodega de La Constancia has experienced an emotional and unique moment for 12 years now: the selection of Tío Pepe en Rama. 178 years of history for a Fino that is much more than a wine, recognized and awarded throughout the world, a living icon of advertising and the legacy of a family of wines. 82 boots selected by Antonio Flores, have been chosen to capture the character and spirit of Tío Pepe in a glass. Pure expression of the vineyard and the winery, of the origin and the aging. From the boot to our glasses.

Designer : Hugo Zapata Creativo

Location : Seville, Spain

Project :  Tio Pepe Rama 2021