February 3, 2021

Hitchcock Michalski

Marco Polo’s journeys opened up a new world, a world of new ideas and experiences. A meeting of the West and the East, forging relationships between people, cultures and kingdoms. When we share a glass of wine with friends, we form connections – bonds that draw us closer together. And so, the connections we share through wine are mirrored in the intricate story of Marco Polo’s travels, the legendary story that enfolds the rich and textured wine of Appassimento. “Appassimento” is made from Italian red grapes. Its unique style denotes elegance with luscious taste, a bouquet of mature red fruit and delicate spices with a generous mellow flavour.

DesignerHitchcock Michalski http://hitchcockmichalski.com

Location : Johannesburg, South Africa!

Project : Appassimento