December 27, 2021

Gatto Design

The Jacuzzi team gave Gatto Design a directive to develop unique, yet harmonious looks for four distinctive tiers of wines priced in accordance with each category’s quality, winemaking, and aging practices. A set of wordmarks were created: outline, fill, and badge versions of deco lettering and a custom script, allowing the Jacuzzi name to live proudly on label. “There’s something to discover in each one of our new designs, be it our motto: Spirit, Wind, and Water, that harkens back to our history of innovation, the sketches of Valeriano and Giuseppina’s passport photos, and the beautiful Stella Alpina, a flower grown in the Friuli region of Italy.” Bands of signature red and blue colors tie the whole system together.

Designer : Gatto Design

Location : Napa, CA, USA

Project : Jacuzzi Family Vineyards Package Redesign