February 28, 2021


The founding fathers of NorSweet wanted to make life sweet with less sugar, so they’ve developed 100% natural sugar replacement – a major step in the global battle to minimize global sugar consumption. Such an important and responsible mission related to the fight for a better tomorrow had to be reflected in a modern, thrilling and eye-catching package. We paid tribute to the Scandinavian origin of the brand, and at the same time combine this minimalism with the eye-catching and light design of a modern and friendly brand. Why? Driven by a focus on healthy choices for their family, the target audience is mostly female. The choice of composite tubes makes the NorSweet Natural Sugar Replacement packaging a unique decorative value in the kitchen of everyone for whom conscious nutrition is of key importance in their life.

Designer : Funktional https://www.funktional.net/

Location : Kraków, Poland!

Project : NorSweet Natural Sugar Replacement