June 24, 2021


With the most professional packaging solutions, Fudy fully presents the excellent features of the L16 packaging design.

The Light L16 is a rectangular camera measuring 17×8.5 cm. With its simplistic appearance, packaging for this product should be relatively simple if only durability and ability to withstand impact are considered. However, packaging serves a much larger purpose than simply protecting the products within—packaging should embody the design concept of the product itself.

Light designed a simple yet luxurious packaging for L16. The handmade rigid box is matched with sleeves. At first glance, it looks like an all-white rectangular box, and the brand name Light is foil printed in silver on the surface. Upon close inspection, 16 apertures can be seen on the sleeve to represent the 16 lenses. As the sleeve is being removed, more elaborate silver foil prints are revealed through these 16 apertures, each showing glimpses of different designs. Once the handmade box has been exposed, a large rectangular piece of silver foil is revealed, with 16 circles and the word Light in white. Such a simple design, yet one the will leave the owner wanting to examine at length. The silver foil, tilted at different angles, gives off a myriad ray of light, much like the Light L16 provides the photographer with new views and perspectives. Making it easy to take good photos from every angle—isn’t that what a good camera should be like?

The ingenious design of the hollow outer sleeve allows the opening up of the packaging to imitate the viewing of different scenes through a camera lens. Thus, the biggest challenge was to find a way for the outer sleeve to work seamlessly with the handmade box to make the consumer spend time, but not too much, on unpacking the product. The pasting procedure went through rigorous quality control to ensure the friction between the outer sleeve and the handmade box itself met Fudy’s precise calculations. To ensure the person opening the package receives a surprising experience, opening the Light L16 packaging would be like opening Pandora’s Box, not knowing what wonders await.

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Location : Santa Clara, USA

Project :  Light L16 “All new Concept Camera” Packaging Manufacturing