May 4, 2021

Ferma Branding Agency

The Saint Petersburg-based marshmallow label “Lanezh” is one of the leaders on the marshmallow market. Our task was to update this “Lanezh” packaging in an innovative and original way. Firstly, we decided to move away from using pastel colours because almost every marshmallow manufacturer goes for these hues in the design. We definitely had to focus on something brighter and juicier. Secondly, we decided to abandon the complex, old-school graphics of the old package. The new design had to be relevant and meet the needs of modern consumers.The idea with these marshmallows can be found up in the air. We wanted to move the “Lanezh” products from the marshmallow category to a more complex dessert segment, especially since the company produces an experimental line of desserts. By combining the mesmerising pattern of sweets with the taste of a dessert, we reached the metaphor of “a mesmerising dessert” through the packaging. Moreover, the colour palette was chosen in contrast to the product, which creates an additional focus on the marshmallow and packaging.

Designer : Ferma Branding Agency

Location : Saint Petersburg, Russia

Project : Lanezh