December 1, 2021

Dalibor Smileski

Meet Pin Nuts! This is a packaging design concept for variety of peanut products.
The main idea is to create clever but simple travel size packaging design for peanut snacks that you can put in your backpack or purse and eat them AT ANY LOCATION YOU ARE! So, here it is! I created Olga, Timothy, Thomas and Mr. Barron (+Lola) to represent each product and give personality to it. They are different age, and each one of them has his own life story, but there is one thing that is same for all of them. They all love peanuts!
The four of them have a body shape of a location pin. This pin-shape is used and well known as an icon in every online maps to point out the location you are looking for. This has given uniqueness to the characters but it also full-fills the main concept for this product – which is a “travel snack” product. This is followed by the name of the brand “Pin Nuts” which is a clever “word play” that stands for the word “Peanuts” and clearly suggests the main idea.
The box is made out of paper, in front, under the character you can find a picture of the product, but also,on the side there is a “window” where you can see the product inside of the box, packed in see-through plastic bag, which makes easy to see exactly what product you are buying.

Designer : Dalibor Smileski

Location : Skopje, North Macedonia

Project : PIN NUTS