September 4, 2021

Cornershop design

Bobbies Petcare is an innovative, artisan pet food brand that produces healthy treats to bring joy to pets and their families.

Cornershop positioned the brand to cut through the noise of the saturated pet food market and conventional pet food packaging. Unlike most competitor brands which feature an animal photograph on the packaging, Bobbies dog treats are distinctly identifiable with a bold, smiling illustrated dog. Different colours are used to distinguish different product flavours. When the brand grows and introduces other ranges or foods for other pets, the packaging is designed to adapt and incorporate a different animal character. For example, the dog illustration could be replaced with a cat; to market cat food. For the initial range of products released, we added a playful touch to the dog to distinguish the ice treats from the chicken broth.

Bobbies. Make them healthy. Make them happy. Make them smile.

Designer : Cornershop design

Location : Adelaide, Australia

Project : Bobbies Petcare Branding & Packaging